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Become an ambassador for Harrogate

Be part of something special…

Become an ambassador for Harrogate 

We are looking for leaders with pride in Yorkshire and the influence to bring high profile international and national events to Harrogate.

What is a Harrogate Conference Ambassador?

Ambassadors are leading business figures, politicians, academics, experts in law, medicine, faith, the arts, science or other profession or renowned sports person. There are many ways ambassadors can help Harrogate’s economy and standing such as;

Harrogate Conference Ambassador Benefits


The aim of the programme is to help ambassadors bring high profile events to Harrogate by providing tangible in-kind and financial support for bids. Ambassadors hosting a national or international conference;


For qualifying bids Harrogate Convention Centre may provide financial and/or in kind support for ambassadors to;


Should Harrogate be invited to bid, Harrogate Convention Centre's marketing team will;


Should Harrogate be successful the Convention Centre's event management team will work with the ambassador, organiser, PCO, convention bureau and other stakeholders to deliver a successful conference.

I would like to become an Ambassador for Harrogate

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