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From office dogs to hover boards - What are our Event Managers hoping to find under their trees this Christmas?

Harrogate Convention Centre


Event managers are always easy to spot in their natural habitat.

Whether it’s an exhibition, a conference or an awards banquet, the event manager will be the one with the clipboard and the walkie-talkie and that look on their face which says ‘I’ve got a lot going on in my head right now’.

When you spot them they’ll be doing one of two things; either deep in conversation or walking purposefully (the two are usually linked).

Could we have the heating turned down a little? – ask the event manager.

I’ve forgotten the wi-fi password? – ask the event manager.

Has anyone handed in a pink scarf? – ask the event manager.

Do you have somewhere we can do an outside radio broadcast? – you guessed it…

We have a small team of talented event managers here at Harrogate Convention Centre and while it’s tempting to describe them as ‘unsung heroes’ it wouldn’t be quite correct because they, out of any team here, receive the most thank-you letters from happy organisers.

So as we head to Christmas day, and our events team look forward to a few days of well-earned rest, we asked them what they would like to find under the tree on the 25th

A coffee holster:

Taking five minutes for a coffee is a luxury which rarely happens when you’re in the middle of an event. And rushing around with a mug of hot drink is not very practical.

I’d love some sort of holster with the capacity for a few litres of latte, then I could sip on the go. Perhaps it would have a discrete straw I could attach inside my lapel. I’m not sure where I could squirrel away the chocolate hob-nobs though.

A rare sit down for a coffee break
image courtesy of Hanny Naibaho

A rhino-skin coat:

The thing about being an event manager is that nobody needs to speak to you when things are going great. So when you hear your walkie-talkie bleep you know it’s because somebody is going to need you to find a solution to something. Making events a success is what we do and you just have to keep smiling. So develop a thick skin if you’re thinking of a career in event management.

A hoverboard:

Our site is huge and we have some events which take up every bit of the venue. That means an awful lot of walking. I don’t have a Fitbit but I know I must cover miles some days. It would be great to have some personal transport device to hop onto, maybe like the hoverboard from Back to The Future. Until they’re invented I’d gladly take a Segway to chug around site on. It’s a big ask for a secret Santa though.

A floating hover board

A trip to the Turkish Baths:

We have a very beautiful Turkish spa which is tantalisingly close to the Convention Centre. I’d love a big wedge of gift vouchers for treatments. A year’s supply should do it, then I could go for a back massage or facial after a busy week.

A dog:

A team dog would be great. I know you’re not supposed to give dogs as Christmas presents but this one could actually be part of the team. Who can resist a friendly dog? A waggy tail and a big pair of brown doggy eyes would work wonders on busy days. He could carry a small keg of prosecco on his collar in case the need for emergency hospitality should arise.

A dog in a santa outfit
image courtesy of Jim Kalligas

Thanks to the fabulous event managers at Harrogate Convention Centre - Darren, Leanne, Roxanna, the two Debbies, Mary and Tim

Merry Christmas to all our clients, contractors friends and visitors. See you all in 2019

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