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Reuters journalists at Harrogate Convention Centre for major new photography festival in 2018

Harrogate Convention Centre


PHOTOGRAPHERS from world-renowned news agency Reuters will be sharing their expertise with the public as part of a major new event heading to Harrogate later this year.

The first Photo North Festival will take place over three days in November and is intended to be a celebration of the art of photography, featuring workshops, exhibitions and master classes from professionals.

Festival director, Peter Dench said the event is for everyone from amateur enthusiasts to professionals, and its aim is to “inspire the next generation of image makers”.

He said: “Reuters’ award-winning photojournalists explore important stories and diverse cultures through captivating images and visual storytelling, covering a variety of assignments from sports, fashion and daily life to society, politics and conflict.


A refugee finds the safety of the shore in this striking image from Reuters
A refugee finds the safety of the shore in this striking image from Reuters

“Reporting from nearly 200 locations, their global network of 600 photographers produces over 1,600 news images each day, offering a unique window into the world by capturing the essence, authenticity and significance of international events.”

The Photo North Festival is taking place at Harrogate Convention Centre where it is hoped the event will be held on a regular basis. The Convention Centre’s head of sales and events, Brian Dobson, said: “This looks like being a really interesting addition to the range of public events and festivals which take place around Harrogate each year

“We’re very honoured to be a sponsor of the Photo North Festival and are looking forward to its launch at the Convention Centre.  We have a great track record of nurturing new events and we’ll be doing everything to welcome Photo North and establish a permanent home for the festival here.”

Other attractions announced for the event include photo walks around Harrogate, portfolio reviews, talks from accomplished photographers, food and live music. There will also be an exhibition, jointly curated with the Imperial War Museum, to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

In their most recent announcement, show organisers also confirmed Stuart Freedman as the latest photographer to join the now 20-strong artist roster. He will present the first ever viewing of ‘The Englishman and the Eel’ exhibition, a journey into that most London of institutions, the Eel, Pie and Mash shop.


Sharon Price, curator of Photo North, said ‘We’ve chosen thought-provoking works that provide relevant social commentary on some quite hard-hitting issues, including British heritage and culture, the enduring problem of homelessness and drug abuse.

“But we also have the beautiful and the poignant that will appeal not only to enthusiasts seeking to be challenged, but also to those seeking a feast for the senses.

The Photo North Festival runs from Friday November 9th to Sunday November 11th. For more information on the event, and to buy tickets, click here

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