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Royal Hall

Angela D Martin Book Launch


Angela D Martin Book Launch

Royal Hall - Saturday 25th May

Angela D Martin Limited presents an evening of networking, inspiration, revelation, refreshing ideas, food and drink. Join Angela Martin as she shares her two books To Thine be the Glory and Beyond the Glory.

Guaranteed to give you answers to key problems you may not have worked out how to solve for years. Bringing you knew insights to scripture, answering questions like, why so many Christians remain poor? How to shift your economical level? Why people divorce each other? Tools to use on preventing divorce. Discussing what true fellowship means. How society has been strategically steered away from the will of God. How she understands how society can be steered back to what God truly wanted for them. Finally, Angela has invited a special guest speaker who is going to demonstrate the main theme of her books, so come and find out what that is.

All are welcome, children are to be accompanied by a parent. Make sure you arrive on time as Food and drink served 18:00pm.

About Angela Martin
Angela Studied at King’s College London gaining a MSc in Information Processing and Neural Networks under the tutelage of Professor John G. Taylor a leading pioneer in Neural Networks. Angela was born in East London to Jamaican parents, she is the youngest of 5 living siblings. Although gaining two degrees, Angela’s life was never meant to go in the direction of conventional academia. She found that she struggled and encountered life changing challenges which directed the course of her life to what she now has dedicated her life to doing, that is sharing the message of her books.

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