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Queens Suite

Iyengar Yoga (UK)


Iyengar Yoga (UK)

Queens Suite - Saturday 15th September - Monday 17th September

In celebration of 100 years of BKS Iyengar's birth, we are delighted to announce that the 2018 convention will be taught by some of the most senior UK teachers.

As always, the aim for our convention is to bring together the UK Iyengar Yoga community in one place so that the bonds of the Iyengar community are strengthened, old friends are met and new ones made as we all learn together. This year, to open the celebrations as widely as possible, we would like to encourage people who have never been to a convention to come along. We look forward to welcoming relative beginners, long-standing students and teachers alike.

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This event ended on Monday 17th September. Tickets are no longer available.


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Over 2000 beds within a short walk of Harrogate Convention Centre.


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Discover Harrogate

We are proud to be in the centre of this vibrant, modern spa town. We know it’s one of the main reasons delegates love coming back.


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