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Harrogate Convention Centre helps events make an impact on local community

Harrogate Convention Centre


Two female nurses holding boxes of dolls next to a Christmas tree in a hospital ward.
Harrogate District Hospital staff nurses Elizabeth Thornton (left) and Gail Ellis (right) are happy to receive the donation from Nursery Fair exhibitor Nines Artesanals d'Onil.

12 December 2022 - With Christmas just around the corner, Harrogate Convention Centre (HCC) has delivered a donation of toys from the Harrogate International Nursery Fair to the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) of the Harrogate District Hospital, which specialises in short and medium-term care for sick and preterm infants.

The donation is part of an ongoing effort to help events make an impact on the local community. Apart from delivering an economic impact on the local hospitality trade, the Convention Centre has helped event organisers and exhibitors make donations in the form of toys, food and other event supplies and display samples to local schools, hospitals, homeless people and charities over the years.

Sally Baxter, Unit Sister, Harrogate Special Care Baby Unit, said: “I would just like to say a big thank you to the Harrogate International Nursery Fair’s organisers and exhibitors as well as the Harrogate Convention Centre for the very kind donation of beautiful dolls and wooden kitchen you’ve kindly given to our Special Care Baby Unit.

“It means so much to the families who have a baby on the unit that also have young siblings. It will allow parents to be able to relax more knowing that these wonderful toys will help entertain them, which in turn enables parents to stay longer and spend more time with their sick or premature baby. The toys will really help make our parents’ experience on the unit so much better in what is a very stressful time for them. Thank you once again, it makes such a difference.”

Three hospital staff standing next to a wooden toy kitchen in an outdoor setting.
A toy kitchen from Nursery Fair exhibitor Plum Play makes a welcome addition to Harrogate District Hospital’s outdoor play area.

With 140 exhibitors, around 200 brands and participants from over 15 countries taking up an additional hall this year, the Harrogate International Nursery Fair this year exceeded expectations with visitor numbers up on last year despite the ongoing knock-on effect of the pandemic and cost of living issues.

Adrian Sneyd, Harrogate International Nursery Fair organiser, comments: “Harrogate has been home to our nursery trade show annually for over five decades with around 4,000 participants enjoying the town’s hospitality each year. We are delighted that our exhibitors have donated toys for the benefit of local families and their babies.”

Paula Lorimer, Director, Harrogate Convention Centre, said: “Harrogate has a long and proud history of hosting major events, which has shaped the local community in more ways than one. Aside from the footfall that supports our thriving visitor economy, our events also leave a legacy via charitable donations to the local community. As a member of the community and especially in this festive season in the midst of the cost of living crisis, we are delighted to do what we can to help make sure those in need can benefit from the event industry.”

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