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Harrogate Convention Centre staff poised to support NHS Nightingale colleagues

Harrogate Convention Centre


The NHS has confirmed it would like to retain Harrogate Convention Centre as a Nightingale hospital over the winter months to provide extra capacity in the battle against the rising number of coronavirus cases.

Paula Lorimer, Director of Harrogate Convention Centre, said:

"We are ready to support the NHS to ensure the Nightingale Yorkshire and Humber is available if needed, and we thank the local community and customers for their understanding as the country continues to battle Covid-19.

“We have staff on standby to work with health colleagues to bring the facility online when required.

“While we remain very proud to support the NHS and the response to Covid-19, it’s also essential that we continue to lobby the government at every level for a post-Nightingale recovery plan for the venue, the industry, and the Harrogate district.

“We are collaborating with our industry friends and peers at AEV, AEO, and ESSA and call for a time-limited package to save our sector and thousands of jobs."