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Man in security uniform standing in front of a crowded event hall


We are doing all we can to keep you safe whilst visiting our venues and require your help to do so.

We review our security measures regularly in consultation with official government local and national security bodies. As a result, and in line with other venues up and down the country the following measures have been introduced for all our public entertainments.

Please do not bring liquids, plastic bottles, large backpacks, holdalls, luggage or other bags, as these items will not be allowed into the Royal Hall or Auditorium

Visitors attempting to enter with any of the items described will be refused entry

There is no storage facilities for such items in the venue and it will be left to the visitor to find a safe temporary facility to hold the item.

Visitors with accessible and medical equipment are encouraged to contact the venue (Tel: 01423 500500) in advance for ease of entry.

You are permitted to bring a small handbag, rucksack style handbag or child's novelty rucksack no larger than 35cm x 40cm x 19cm, or as a guide, A4 size.

These items should be of such a size that they fit comfortably under your seat and all such items will be searched as a condition of entry.

The venue is not responsible for late admission or non-admission as a result of this policy.

Finally, we ask that you support us and cooperate with our security team so they can efficiently carry out these measures to ensure your safety and that you are in the building in good time for the show.

Look out for each other and trust your instincts