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1. Coronavirus Precautions (Covid-19)

2. Event Security

3. Counter Terrorism Policing

Last updated: 17th March 2020

Coronavirus Precautions (Covid-19)

We will continue to monitor and act on advice from the (UK / Irish) government and the World Health Organisation, regarding precautions on Covid-19.

Attendees from outside the (UK / Ireland) should make themselves aware of advice from the (UK / Irish) government website, keep up to date, and follow the advice.

We will continuously monitor the situation and implement appropriate health and safety precautions to ensure our commitments to the safety of our attendees, and provide updates if the situation changes.

For the most up to date information and guidance on COVID-19, please follow this link:

NHS Coronavirus Advice

Event Security

We are doing all we can to keep you safe whilst visiting our venues and require your help to do so.

We review our security measures regularly in consultation with official government local and national security bodies. As a result, and in line with other venues up and down the country the following measures have been introduced for all our public entertainments.

Finally, we ask that you support us and cooperate with our security team so they can efficiently carry out these measures to ensure your safety and that you are in the building in good time for the show.

Communities defeat terrorism

Counter Terrorism Policing

Counter Terrorism Policing is asking you to support our campaign to help keep crowded places safe, especially over the festive periods.

Officers are calling on the public and those who work in our busy towns and cities to remain vigilant and report any concerns to staff, security or - in confidence - to the police at This annual campaign asks everyone to be the extra eyes and ears of the police, so we can work together to tackle terrorism. As you start preparing for the influx of shoppers and party goers into our busy towns and cities, we are sending you a list of steps you can take now to help increase security and keep your staff, customers and visitors safe.

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