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Harrogate Convention Centre to continue its role as a Nightingale hospital

Harrogate Convention Centre


Paula Lorimer, director of Harrogate Convention Centre, said:

“We have agreed to the NHS’s request to extend the contract due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the challenge of the current level of infections and potential for a second peak.

“The convention centre will continue in its role as a Nightingale hospital until 31 March but this will be reviewed on 1 October to assess if there is an ongoing need for the hospital to remain in situ.

“The events industry remains in lockdown until at least 1 October and, if there is a further rise infections, it is unlikely we will be able to reopen anyway.

“I look forward to welcoming back our customers from the 1 April when Harrogate Convention Centre and the Royal Hall will reopen.

“We are very proud to support the NHS and the response to Covid-19 but we continue to lobby government at every level for a post-Nightingale recovery plan for the venue, and the Harrogate district.”