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PiXL Strive for 5 Maths Student Conference

PiXL Strive for 5 Maths Student Conference

PiXL Strive for 5 Maths Student Conference

“We would definitely recommend Harrogate Conference Centre!”

Add a world-class conference centre to a friendly town, buzzing with coffee shops and relaxing gardens, and divide it by up to 1,500 delegates… It all adds up!

The PiXL Club: It’s a No Brainer

Harrogate Convention Centre offers the perfect equation for PiXL - a leading school improvement partnership - which supports 1,400 secondary schools, 450 sixth forms, 900 primary schools and 50 providers of alternative education.

Their mission is to share best practice and raise standards to give students a better future and brighter hope – so it’s only fitting they choose a venue that reflects their aspirations.

The PiXL Club see the mathematical benefits of Harrogate. So much so, they return year-on-year with their Maths conference (2020 was their fourth conference), which is aimed towards students sitting their GCSE exams.

Why Harrogate?

Ultimately, the venue itself is why PiXL return, they explained:

“The aim of these interactive conferences is to give students the knowledge and motivation to get their Grade 5 in Maths in their summer GCSEs. We want a relaxed atmosphere that allows learning, and a great space that allows for the numbers to all be present and have a good view of the screen and presenters at all times. This is really important as the conference is so interactive with the students.”

With up to 1,500 students in the auditorium and in the generous reception area, the team at PiXL know it “works well” with their requirements.

It isn’t just the wide spaces, but the conscientious and award-winning events team that all add up to successful results. “The staff at the venue are always incredibly helpful in the lead up to the event and also on the day,” PiXL said. “Our conference was a success.”

Harrogate offers a premium purpose-built conference and exhibition centre located in the heart of one of the safest, most attractive and welcoming towns in England. We welcome repeat and return bookings. With excellent value and transparent pricing, we can tailor services to ensure the success of your event. Make an enquiry below.


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